Turn Conversations into Enrollment

Transform your website into a welcome center with a tailored solution for admissions and enrollment.

A Complete Student Support and Engagement Platform

Schools around the world are adapting to a new normal. Online engagement is now paramount to a school's success putting additional pressure on admissions and enrollment specialists. It's not humanly possible to personally engage every prospective student who visits your site and there is increased demand for seamless online experiences.


Turn Website Visitors into Students

Form relationships with prospective students by offering rich, modern conversational experiences, supported by powerful AI engineered specifically for higher education. Get students the information they need when intent is the highest. Edulla’s bot answers 100% of incoming messages within seconds.

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Messaging that’s Human, at Scale

People want to talk to people. Leverage AI-powered chatbots that work with your admissions experts to generate leads, drive enrollment and build loyalty without hiring an army of agents. 

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Make the Virtual, Personal

Use Guide to visually direct students through important processes, increase online conversions to application, highlight critical information and improve student satisfaction. Screen sharing enables your admissions staff to guide and assist prospective students in a live session on your website. Point, click, and annotate your visitor’s screen with their permission, anywhere on your website.

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Knowledge Base

Let Edulla be your Single Source of Truth

Edulla’s knowledge base software is built for today’s modern school, capturing knowledge in a centralized and easy to navigate space. With easy content creation, organization and a powerful search engine, Edulla provides an accessible platform for knowledge management to help your team and prospective students help themselves. Your team can distill up-to-date and integral knowledge into how-to guides, articles, frequently asked questions and more seamlessly integrated with our chatbot solution and your website.

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Knowledge Base
of Questions Answered in 2 Seconds or Less


Generate higher qualified leads that are 2.5x more likely to convert to a paying student.

Decrease in Time Required to Apply


Your admissions team can help 5-7 customers at once via messaging versus 1 at a time via phone

Decrease in Labor


Cut your expensive call volume in half

Increase in Student Satisfaction


8 out of 10 people prefer messaging to phone calls. 91% of visitors would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.

Student Satisfaction at Scale

Because Every New Student Counts

How it Works

Edulla provides all schools, large and small, with innovative tools that produce powerful student experiences by enhancing engagement and communication. Use our centralized knowledge management platform to offer the simplest solution for students and parents to find what they are looking for. With Edulla, you can offer personalized experiences to new and prospective students that can begin with 24/7 chatbot support and self-service through our knowledge base. From there, admissions and enrollment staff can directly engage in live chat and co browse with high intent students to guide them through the application processes.

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