Connect with your prospects at each stage of their educational journey

Whether it's navigating the admissions process or providing answers about financial aid, your institution can streamline interactions and provide support in a way that meets the expectations of your digitally active students – 24/7.

Proactive & Personalized Guidance to Help Students Navigate Their Way To and Through College.

Students often have a lot of questions about a university, which plays an important role in their decision to apply and enroll. With so many applications and emails, universities can find it difficult to respond to every student. Online and offline experiences with your institution are crucial indications to students that a college has their best interest in mind.

Are you making the right impressions and providing the timely support needed to prepare students for success?

Expedite Enrollment Processes

The college application process is overwhelming and stressful enough. Students have a tough time navigating the course fees, admission details, and registration deadlines. Having easy access to continually updated admissions and enrollment support greatly reduces stress for students and helps increase your application and enrollment rates.

Now students can easily get what they need with a conversational platform where they can ask questions and easily sort through information.  

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Help Students Succeed

Your ability to connect and support your prospects and students day and night will help you respond when they need you the most. Providing fast and accurate information in real-time — such as financial aid guidance, enrollment checklists, and open office hours – will allow your students to confidently prepare for college and succeed.

Evolve to meet the demand of the younger generation today. 

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Strengthen Your Student Recruitment Funnel

Incorporating Edulla into your enrollment funnel allows you to easily deliver thought leadership content and resources about your school’s offerings in a way that builds trust and confidence in your institution. This results in more engaged prospects that are more likely to convert into enrolled students, increased website visits & time on site, and a reduction of one-on-one student/staff conversations by up to 50%.

Learn how you can amplify your student recruitment efforts.

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Better Understand Your Students Needs

Students have a lot of questions while navigating their way to and through your university. Edulla gathers data about student behaviour relating to information that they can  (or can’t) find on your university’s website, making them a useful tool for reflection and improvement, and a valuable asset for marketing teams as well as admissions teams.

Understand your students so you can align resources and processes to common questions and concerns.

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of Questions Answered in 2 Seconds or Less


Generate higher qualified leads that are 2.5x more likely to convert to a paying student.

Decrease in Time Required to Apply


Your admissions team can help 5-7 customers at once via messaging versus 1 at a time via phone

Decrease in Labor


Cut your expensive call volume in half

Increase in Student Satisfaction


8 out of 10 people prefer messaging to phone calls. 91% of visitors would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.

Student Satisfaction at Scale

Because Every New Student Counts

Edulla: Your Complete Student Support and Engagement Platform

Designed specifically for higher education, Edulla provides all schools – large and small – with innovative tools that produce powerful student experiences by enhancing engagement and communication with new and prospective students. 

Easy access to knowledge can also be the difference between a frustrated student and an informed one. Our centralized knowledge management platform offers the simplest solution for students and parents to find what they are looking for, and for your institution to form lasting relationships with prospects and students by offering rich, modern conversational experiences.

Organized, concise, and easy to obtain information can be the difference between a prospective student and an enrolled one. Edulla compliments your admissions and enrollment funnels by helping you make personalized connections with new and prospective students 24/7.

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