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Knowledge Base
Knowledge Management Platform
 Edulla’s knowledge base software is built for today’s modern school, capturing knowledge in a centralized and easy to navigate space. With easy content creation, organization and a powerful search engine, Edulla provides an accessible platform for knowledge management to help your team and prospective students help themselves. Your team can distill up-to-date and integral knowledge into how-to guides, articles, frequently asked questions and more seamlessly integrated with our chatbot solution and your website.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Create content with ease and keep it updated with our user friendly interface


Search less and discover more by using our powerful search engine that is directly integrated with our chatbot and your website.


Give the look and feel of your school by  fully customizing and branding your knowledge base for a seamless experience across all devices


Use reports and analytics to improve content and learn what your visitors care about most.

Solve complex problems with a simple knowledge base


Deliver positive student experiences. Gen Z has no interest in calling for support, they expect to have a self-service option. 91% of visitors would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.


Increase your productivity and spend less time updating scattered information by having one centralized home for knowledge and a single place to update and distribute information throughout your school.


Offer consistent support for prospective students by providing a knowledge base they can access 24/7 to get the information when they need it, from any device. Without one, offering high-quality support to every visitor becomes impossible.


Empower your team with a flexible and customizable platform. Edulla helps your team and students spend less time hunting things down, and more time making things happen. 

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