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 When it's not humanly possible to personally engage every prospective student who visits your site, let our bot trained just for higher education help.
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Chatbot Platform
Form relationships with prospective students by offering rich, modern conversational experiences, supported by powerful AI engineered specifically for higher education. Get students the information they need when intent is the highest. Edulla’s bot answers 100% of incoming messages within seconds.

Built for Higher Ed

No Code

Insert a bot on your website instantly by leveraging hundreds of FAQ’s in higher education that Edulla has been trained on.


Build the knowledge base and Q&A specific for your school. The bot gets smarter the more questions it answers.


See what visitors ask most often to optimize your website and see what is trending

Lead Generation

Turn website visitors into tuition revenue by delivering modern, conversational experiences expected by prospective students.

Gen Z expects fast and accessible customer service. Offer 24/7 support to help students find the right information right when they need it.

Admissions departments are answering repetitive phone calls and emails that our chatbot can handle so you can spend your valuable time on 1:1 conversations that make the biggest impact

Transfer conversations to a live agent at any time

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