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How AI-Powered Chatbots Can Help with Staff Turnover in Higher Education

Find out how chatbots can help with staff turnover and boost student enrollment. Learn from Edulla's success as the first education chatbot to be deployed at a university.

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Higher Ed Institutions’ Investment in Chatbots more than Doubles

Edulla is a chatbot that helps students with enrollment and admissions at colleges and universities. Here are some statistics on higher education institutions investing in chatbot technologies.

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Defining Student Engagement at Your School

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, your school’s definition of student engagement — the who, what, why and how of it — should be more than just a list of talking points or marketing copy. In this post we will walk you

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The Student Engagement Maturity Model: A Proven Framework to Achieve Next-Level Student Engagement

Higher education institutions that are looking to increase student engagement and achieve better results should follow the Student Engagement Maturity Model (SEMM).

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How ChatBots Can Solve Problems for Your IT Help Desk

Artificial intelligence chatbots are revolutionizing the way colleges and universities handle important tasks such as student engagement and admissions. Here's how they can help your IT help desk.

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Student Engagement Techniques That Drive Success

Want to see your students succeed? Check out these three engagement techniques that will empower them to achieve their academic goals.

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How a Chatbot Platform’s Data Can Improve Student Engagement

Colleges and universities are always looking for ways to improve student engagement. An AI Communication Platform can help institutions of higher education to provide their students with quick and easy ways to engage with the school, like via SMS text messages or a chatbot on

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How Chatbots Are Improving Higher Education Admissions

Today, more than ever before, students are looking for guidance at every step of their journey. Here are three strategies that colleges can use to engage first-generation college students and drive enrollment numbers up.

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Why Email No Longer Works to Engage Students

In order to engage students in a way that will lead to positive outcomes, you need an effective engagement strategy. But with students today constantly bombarded with communications vying for their attention, how can you ensure that your messages will be seen? The answer may be the channel you use

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Higher Education Institutions Struggle with Low Student Retention Rates

In this article, we explore the reasons behind low student retention rates in higher education institutions and how chatbots can help combat the issue.

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Which type of Chatbot is Best Suited for Higher Education

Using chatbots, you can provide 24/7 support to your students without hiring additional resources. Learn about the different kinds of chatbot technology available in universities today!

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