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Co-Browsing Software
Use Guide to visually direct students through important processes, increase online conversions to application, highlight critical information and improve student satisfaction. Screen sharing enables your admissions staff to guide and assist prospective students in a live session on your website. Point, click, and annotate your visitor’s screen with their permission, anywhere on your website.

Visually guide the way

Hands-on Guidance

Save students from wandering through the website and spend time pro-actively helping them with the application process.

Secure and Private

Agents only see what students permit them to - no other tabs, pages or apps.

No Downloads

Session can be immediately initiated in-chat without wasting precious time. 

Improved Experiences

Understand who and why a visitor is on your site. Record your sessions to learn and improve your student website experiences for the future.

Elevate your online support

Increase visitor satisfaction by offering the most engaging and immersive way to assist prospective students with the highest intent

Boost student applications by connecting in a human way with potential students with hyper-personalized attention

Convert your website visitors faster by communication through expanded bandwidth (traditional chat is limiting and leads to misinterpretations, screen share allows you to understand by seeing)

Your admissions team can help 5-7 customers at once via messaging versus 1 at a time via phone.

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